emily_comicI don’t believe that science communication should be confined to the classroom or research journals. I love talking about the work I do (and other interesting science as well!) with wide audiences; I also love collaborating with artists and media professionals in this endeavor.

National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Communication

I participated in the NNOCCI “study circle” to learn how to use best-practice communication tools to effectively teach climate change science. I served as the regional leader for the science fellows for several years.

Most recently I have been working on curriculum development with NNOCCI as we shift our curriculum to a regional based model. I have been primarily involved in the development of our online modules, including our climate science lesson.

Multi-media Outreach

Artist Maris Wicks made a comic about my research. If you’d like to check it out it can be found here. The inset image (above) is from Maris’ work!

Ari Daniel Shapiro and Amanda Kowalski made a video about my research as part of my NNOCCI work.

I have also written a newspaper column for MIT’s Tech called “The Secret Life of Researchers” and hosted an environmental talk radio show called “Terravoice.”

MIT Terrascope Mentor

I serve as an alumni mentor for a cool freshman class at MIT wherein freshmen are given a complicated problem (like feeding the world over the next 100 years!) that they research and propose a solution to over the course of a semester. As a mentor, I mostly get to ask lots of questions to help the students think about their problem in ways they might not have previously considered (and for my own curiosity!) More information about this cool class can be found at http://terrascope.mit.edu/