2017-12-05 12.11.09

Welcome to Emily Moberg’s research webpage. I am a theoretical ecologist interested in the feedbacks between wild marine populations and environmental change.

I often describe ecology as the rules for how organisms interact with each other and their environment, while economics describes the rules for how humans interact with each other and the environment. The combination of these rules can provide powerful insight into the dynamics and behavior of coupled social-ecological systems. Today, humans are an integral part of global ecosystems, altering the dynamics and composition of the physical landscape and its inhabitants. Simultaneously, ecosystems provide services and resources that fuel human society and industry. I model human impacted marine ecosystems to probe which feedbacks are critical to produce the patterns we see in nature and to motivate how this knowledge can be used in management.

As a theorist, I use a variety of mathematical and computational tools to investigate these questions. I particularly enjoy using optimization techniques to characterize management decisions.